A DIY Guide to Fix Toilet Hissing [2021]

A DIY Guide to Fix Toilet Hissing

Toilet Hissing is not so common a problem in anyone’s bathroom. But, when your toilet starts sounding like a snake, you should be aware that your toilet faces a crisis of toilet hissing.

When you are aware of the water leakage from the tank, then it is toilet hissing.

Generally, the flush valve, which is the part inside the toilet tank, is one of the main issues for the hissing toilet.

The faulty fill valve, flapper, water supply line make noises in the toilet. A hissing sound is generally toilet clogged, and water is leaking from the tank in the toilet bowl.

When your toilet is in terrible condition, cleverness is installing a new toilet rather than removing only one part. But if you want to repair, then you need to buy repair kits.

Hissing sound in the toilet mainly produces at the base of the toilet bowl. As the toilet tank is clogged, the gas cannot escape properly, hence creating a bubble. It can result in a horrible smell in your bathroom.

Why is my toilet hissing or making a hissing noise?

There could be some reasons why your toilet is experiencing a hissing or gurgling noise. I am listing here some of the issues which can help you in detecting your toilet problem.

Water leakage from the tank into the toilet bowl

However, when your fill valve gets defective, it stops the water from filling the tank. The water has reached its maximum level, but it does not fill due to the filling valve.

Once in a while, when the fill valve isn’t fittingly aligned, the tank over-fills and water streams from the flood tube into the toilet bowl.

If you fit the fill valve accurately, then you can fix your problem. You have to lift the lid off the toilet tank to check the fill valve. 

The fill valve will appear as though a plastic float or a ball-rooster is drifting outside the water. If the fill valve accustoms to a level over the flood tube, the framework won’t stop when the tank fills, and water will deplete constantly.

Fill Valve Adjustment: 

You can control the height of the fill valve by fixing the valve to its clip. It would be best if you selected the hook so that the fill valve is over the base of the top of the overflow tube.

Ball-Cock Adjustment: 

This adjustment is effortless and can do with the help of a very simple tool screwdriver. You need to fix the screws.

You have a decrease in the water level below the top of the overflow tube, such that the ball clock lowers and assembles well.

Flap Valve Degradation

The flap valve degradation means the overflow tube is not allowing water to reach into the toilet bowl.

As the flap valve degrades, the water starts leaking through it into the toilet bowl. You can see the flap valve at the base of the toilet tank.

As soon as you flush, the toilet water starts rushing into the toilet bowl from the tank and lifting the flap valve.

The material from which the flap valve makes of rubber or hard plastic.

The toilet tank has got a valve seal on either side to shut down the seat. It makes from the rubbery washer on the valve underside. The primary issue is that the toilet gets wet after use, and it cracks and brittle the washer. Due to this leakage problem happens, and water gets leaked from the tank.

How can I stop my toilet from hissing?

You can stop the toilet hissing by taking some of the measures. I am listing some of the points which can stop toilet hissing.

It will help you if the flap valve is cleaning.

It would be best if you tried to drain out all the water from the tank by flushing the toilet and turning off the toilet’s water supply.

It will help you if the degraded flap valve removes.

Investigate the fold valve’s underside for grime that could be bargaining the sale, and clean it with steel fleece.

After doing all the above thing, you should have a new flap valve. Then, give the water supply to the tank and fill it.

If the folded valve is unmistakably old and degraded, and cleaning it doesn’t help, the subsequent stage is to supplant the valve inside and out. Fold valves are sold in home improvement stores and are frequently simple to replace.

It will help you if you replace the toilet tank parts.

You have to do this process when you fail in all the things as it is clear from the statement you have to replace the toilet tank parts that are the whole flush valve set. 

You will get entire flush valve assemblies at stores very quickly for a low cost. You can also purchase from online stores like Amazon.

These flush valve assemblies frequently accompany simple to adhere to picture-based guidelines so that the vast majority with restricted pipes information can supplant their bathroom tank parts.

Is Toilet Hissing dangerous?

Some of them will take the word toilet hissing in a term that snake will enter into the toilet.

But, it is not like that. It just your toilet will get a leakage problem. The bathroom is the place for relaxation, and if you face this type of things, you get frustrated.

It would be best if you tried to remove the fill valve cap; Firstly, you can do this thing after that, try to clean the clogged something that is in the toilet bowl by flushing them all. You have to buy the new flap valve assemblies if it is damaged.

A degraded valve. As mentioned above, the valve allows the water from the tank into the toilet bowl. So, when it gets damaged, the water starts leaking. The valve gets shut off.

So, Toilet Hissing is not dangerous, but it’s a very frustrating problem in your bathroom. These things should work by yourself.  


I hope this toilet hissing article will help you in getting rid of your all toilet problems.

This article guide will help you in getting rid of the problem of Toilet Hissing.

I would love to know your experiences, so do share them with us.

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