Bathtub Drain Removal Tool 2021 [Don’t Buy] Until You Read This

Bathtub Drain Removal Tool

If you want to get rid of cussed 1-1/2″ bath drains with ½” ratchet pressure and extension or wrench. First, you have to drop the tool in the drain and gently faucet it down in the gutter. Then you have to turn it counterclockwise with a ½” ratchet pressure and extension or wrench. It is how you can use the Bathtub Drain Removal Tool.

How Do You Unscrew The Bathtub?

You have to remove the knob at the pinnacle of the stopper through the bathtub drain removal tool Screwfix. Then hold the frame of the plug-in location with one hand, and with the alternative hand, unscrew the knob with the aid of turning it counterclockwise. If the knob will not unscrew, wrap the rag across the knob and use the pliers to help do away with the knob.

Also Know, how do you do away with a bath drain flange? If you’re removing the entire drain apparatus, which includes the basket (additionally called the flange), insert your drain key or clever dumbbell into the opening. You should turn it counterclockwise and maintain turning till the drain flange is released, then do away with the flange while connected to the drain key.

How Do You Operate A Bath Drain Wrench?

It matched flawlessly into the bath drain, and you should have a terrific socket wrench with approximately a 10″ arm. The trick is to show counterclockwise till you experience resistance and preserve it there for some moments. Then you very cautiously observe greater strain till you experience the antique bath drain starts to move.

How Do You Get Rid Of An Antique Bath?

Here’s what you have to do:

  • Turn off the water for your bathroom.
  • Locate the pipes that supply water for your bath.
  • Disconnect the bath drain with the usage of your bathtub drain removal tool harbor freight.
  • It would be best if you broke away the lowest row of tiles surrounding the tub using a hammer and chisel.
  • Insert a pry bar and pry the bath far from the wall.

How To Remove Bathtub Drain Without Tool?

If your bathtub starts to empty slowly or stops draining completely, it has in all likelihood end up blocked via means of a build-up of hair and grime. This way, you may want to dispose of the drain and unblock it. You may even want to dispose of a vintage drain to update it with a brand new one.

Of course, you may name an expert plumber to do it for you. However, putting off a drain is a pretty easy task, and many human beings can DIY it without tub drain removal tool ace hardware. So, if you’re curious about attempting it out for yourself, here’s our manual for the way to dispose of a bathtub drain.

Let’s see some points and check how it’s done.

Best Bathtub Drain Removal Tool To Buy

The Tub Drain Remover Wrench installs and removes most tub & shower drains, closet spuds. The tool is lightweight and features heavy-duty aluminum die-cast construction. Tool requires an adjustable wrench or screwdriver for use. 

1. HAUTMEC Tub Drain Remover Wrench

Tub Drain Remover Wrench


  • Dual-sided wrench, use to install and remove most bath and shower drains and closet spuds
  • Use with an adjustable wrench for easy operation
  • Or use with screwdrivers inserted into one of two holes for the best torque, much easier
  • Heavy-duty die-cast aluminum, lightweight
  • Easy to use

Heavy duty tool works with a wrench to remove tub drains. To be used with either open end or adjustable wrench. Double-Sided “dumbell” design. Screwdriver blade can also be inserted into either of the holes in wrench for use in tight spaces.

2. Armour Line RP77323 Tub Drain Remover Wrench, Heavy Duty, Pack of 1


  • Will not scratch surface
  • Also known as a Dumbell wrench
  • Each end fits a different size drain
  • Turns with an open-end or adjustable wrench
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Constructed from aluminum

The EZ-FLO lift-n-turn stopper and drain strainer is a great fit for any new installation or as a replacement part. It is built with durable brass for a lasting performance. Very simple to install and operate.

3. Eastman 35233 Lift-n-Turn Bathtub Drain Assembly


  • 1-strainer
  • 1-lift-n-turn stopper
  • 1-rubber seal
  • Brass construction
  • Universal Fit
  • EZ-FLO International

Protect your drain from becoming clogged with the Danco Lift and Turn Tub Drain Stopper. It prevents unwanted debris and foreign objects from slipping down the drain. This drain stopper features a lift-and-turn style allowing for easy use, simply lift the stopper and give it a ¼ in. turn to lock it in the open position and reverse to close the stopper to fill the tub with water.

The bathtub stopper has two thread sizes: 5/16 in. on the bottom end and 3/8 in. underneath the stopper. The thread sizes can be reversed to accommodate the tub drain threaded size. This bathtub stopper can replace rapid-fit bathtub drains 1200 series, Sterling, Carper’s, and Duracraft brands as well as replaces the stopper for Danco’s lift and turn tub drain kit model # 88966.

4. DANCO Lift and Turn Tub and Bath Drain Stopper


  • 2 thread sizes: 5/16 in. on one end and 3/8 in. on the other
  • Theft resistant
  • Lift-and-turn style allows for each use
  • Stylish chrome finish
  • Heavy-duty brass stopper and shaft provides durability

1. You Should Remove The Stopper

There are many one-of-a-kind sorts of a stopper, and the primary factor you want to do earlier than you could cast off the bath drain is to cast off the plug. Here are examples of a way to do it with the different, not unusual, place versions.

  • Pop-Up Stopper
  • Push-Pull Stopper

There are many different varieties of tub stoppers, and we don’t have an area to enter the info of a way to dispose of each type here.

If you’ve got any other form of the stopper, you’ll want to train away to dispose of it to provide you entry to the drain below. However, for top plugs, the precept within reason is similar. So you will want to train a session on how it’s miles connected after disposing of the vital parts.

Once you’ve eliminated your stopper, you’re geared up to transport directly to the subsequent step.

2. You Should Remove The Screen

The display screen is the grille designed to save your large gadgets from falling into the drain. You additionally want to cast off this earlier than you could benefit get admitted to the drain.

Removing it must be easy – truly use a screwdriver to pry it off. Some fashions have a screw, and if yours does, you want to unscrew it earlier than you could elevate the display screen off.

3. It Would Help If You Heated The Drain To Soften The Sealant

Once you have removed the stopper without using bathtub drain removal tool bunnings and the display, you’re prepared to transport them onto the primary part of the work.

The drain will have been equipped with a few forms of the sealant like plumber’s putty. However, to make elimination easier, the primary element to do is to melt it up.

You can do that with the aid of heating it. The simplest manner is to apply a hairdryer – truly use the hairdryer to blow warm air into the drain for a couple of minutes earlier than eliminating it.

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4. You Should Remove The Drain

A friendly manner to get rid of the drain itself is to apply a drain wrench. These are unique gear that can be designed especially for this purpose. If you operate a drain wrench rather than using tub drain removal tool lowe’s, there’s much less risk of unfavorable the drain as you try and get rid of it.

Drain wrenches have unique heads, so the primary element you want to do is locate one which suits your drain – it needs to match easily over the go at the lowest of the gutter.

With the drain wrench in place, flip it counterclockwise to unscrew the drain. It can also require a few strengths, relying on how tight the drain is screwed in and how stiff it is.

To deliver yourself more pressure while turning the drain wrench, you could insert a screwdriver and use it to show the twist.

Once you control to loosen it, truly maintain turning till the drain comes free.

5. You Should Clean The Seal

With the drain eliminated, you could now smooth the antique Seal. First, pick off any antique sealant that stays across the gutter – you could want to apply a knife or a screwdriver to scrape it off. Once you’ve eliminated all of the antique sealants, smooth the drain properly with a material and a toilet cleaning product.

6. You Should Install The New Drain

Apply plumber’s putty across the base of the brand new drain and screw it in the usage of the drain wrench or the pliers as before. As you screw it in, a number of the putty will pop out across the Seal. When you’ve got completed screwing the drain in, then you want to scrape off this putty.

Next, suit the display when you have one, after which work the stopper. Finally, once the whole lot is in place, you’re prepared to begin the usage of your snug bathtub again.

Replacing a Tub Drain: Bathtub Drain Removal and Replacement


We have given you all the details about the bathtub drain removal tool. I hope these tools will help you in saving your money.

If you require any further information, you can ask in our comment section.

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