10 Best Poop Toilet Spray 2021 (Before You Go)

Pre Poop Toilet Spray

Your home’s toilet may be a perfect respite from the world — an area wherein nobody can trouble you, and you may well unwind with a long bath. But ugly odors can quickly undo that feeling of relaxation. Here, we have come with the solution of removing the foul odor of your toilet with the best pre-poop toilet spray. You can use it before you go toilet.

The only way you can deal with the foul odor of your toilet is that you can spray it. These pre-poop toilet spray will help you in doing that.

Let’s get into the detail of the best toilet fragrance spray, which will help you choose the best one for your toilet. The Oder that comes from poop is unbearable so the toilet spray for poop is so important.

We always use to keep our toilet fresh and clean on daily basis. But when we use to travel and we use the toilet on a train, flight, buses and in the hotel we visit. Most of us feel uncomfortable using the toilet somewhere else. Because of unpleasant smell.

If your one of them, then you should keep travel-size toiletries with you like air freshener spray for the toilet. Mostly the women keep bathroom accessories, they are conscious about hygiene. Next time we will talk about travel accessories for women.

1. Air Wick V.I.P. Pre-Poop Toilet Spray

Travel accessories for women is a fantastic product presented by Air Wick. You can spray this product up to 100 times in your toilet, and it is a natural air freshener for the toilet.

Air Wick V.I.P. Pre-Poop Toilet Spray

Air Wick V.I.P. Pre-Poop Toilet Spray


  • Keep Nasty Smells In Your Bowl
  • Back By Our Odor Free Guarantee
  • 100 Uses Per Bottle
  • Releases A Pleasant Fragrance In The Air
  • Makes A Great Gift

It creates a layer when you spray it in your toilet. This layer only helps you in getting rid of the rotten or ugly smell present in the toilet. 

Their fragrance contains some essential oil which makes these fragrances unique. We are pretty much sure that its fragrance would get loved by your family and friends.

The use of this toilet spray is effortless. You need to spray it 3-5 times a day directly onto your toilet water in the toilet bowl.

2. Poo-Pourri Before-You-go Toilet Spray

Poo-Pourri is one of the established merchandise in the field of toilet smell sprays. Many people accept this product as their favorite brand.


Poo-Pourri Before-You-go Toilet Spray, 4 Fl


  • Spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know.
  • The original non-toxic.
  • Scientifically-tested formula made of essential oils
  • Up to 200 uses in the 4 oz bottle

It creates a potent layer. You do not have to mask your nose when you are using the before-you-go toilet spray.

It has original citrus with a blend of lemon, bergamot, and lemongrass natural essential oil. These all things help in making a natural fragrance.

You can use up to 200 sprays in your toilet. You need to spritz your toilet bowl before you go to poo. You must try this fantastic product.

3. Set of 4 Stinky Bowl Spray 1.85oz – Bathroom Deodorizer 

As its name reveals, its work is predominantly for removing the stinky smell coming from your toilet bowl.

Set of 4 Stinky Bowl Spray

Before You Go Toilet Bathroom Deodorizer


  • 1.85oz/100 Uses per Bottle!
  • Leaving you with a citrus-scented bathroom!
  • Take this tiny bottle with you anywhere and leave the restroom smelling great!
  • This is a Travel Size toilet spray

In this product, you get four packs of toilet sprays. The size of the bottle is so tiny that you can take it anywhere you want and use a fresh odour bathroom.

The fragrance of this toilet spray consists of fresh citrus and lavender. These both are pleasant fragrance which makes you feel good in the bathroom.

You have to spritz your toilet bowl onto toilet water before you go, and it will do its work by trapping all the foul odor.

4. Flushie Pre-Toilet Sprays 4-Ounce Toilet Spray

If you want to replace your embarrassment with confidence, you should use these flushie pre toilet sprays.

Flushie: Pre Toilet Spray

Flushie Pre


  • No One Will Ever Know
  • 100% Safe & Organic
  • Travel-friendly
  • Great Fragrances

It does not contain any harsh or harmful chemicals, and you get only natural stuff in it, which works like magic in your bathroom. In addition, it is 100% certified that it is cruelty-free.

It has fragrances of citrus, linen, unscented, lavender, which helps trap your bathroom’s rotten or foul odor. They trap the terrible odor and make you smell good in the bathroom.

It is effortless to use, and you need to shake the 4-6 inch bottle and spray directly in the toilet water, then flush it when you get done.

5. Oopsie Poopsie Before-You-Go Toilet Spray

The Oopsie Poopsie manufacturer concentrates less on packaging and more on the quality or effectiveness of the product. They always try to make powerful toilet spray.

Oopsie Poopsie

Oopsie Poopsie Before-You-Go Toilet Spray


  • Pocket friendly
  • Nice Fragrance
  • Better price
  • Efficient than the cheaper Mask

These are toilet odor eliminators. It will keep your toilet fresh from everywhere. The oopsie poopsie masks a terrible smell and creates an essential oil layer that blocks odors.

These are toilet spray for travel to carry these with you wherever you want to take them. So it is a suitable product for traveling.

You shake it well and spray it twice onto the toilet water. It is a 100% natural product with no harsh chemicals.

I would suggest you go with to try a pink bottle for traveling. I personally use the pink bottle, it smells really good I love it. If you buy it and use it. I request you to please comment below and tell me your experience.

6. 100% Natural Toilet Spray for Poop With 600+ Uses

It is a fantastic toilet air freshener spray that is 100% natural. One of its great qualities is that 0% stink. It is a long-lasting spray.

Odor Eliminator Deodorizer Toilet Spray

Before You Go Toilet Spray Poop Spray


  • Organic Product with 600 uses
  • Use it as a bathroom freshener
  • Easy to carry
  • Odor Eliminator Lemon Deodorizer

You can transform your toilet into a Citrus Haven each time you shower. This supernatural mix of restorative evaluation essential oils with Lemongrass, Bergamot, Essence of Lemon, and that’s just the beginning. 

You have to spray it in the toilet or shower it noticeable all around and appreciate and smell free, temperament upgrading shelter directly in your bathroom.

These get specially designed for trapping your stank 100%. You must try this fantastic product presented by Sprayzee.

7. Poo-Pourri 2 Ounce Before You Go Toilet Spray

Everybody wants a separate bathroom because they do not want the foul smell of anyone’s else in their bathroom.

Poo-Pourri 2 Ounce

Poo-Pourri 2 Ounce Before You Go Toilet


  • Spritz The Bowl Before You Go And No One Will Ever Know
  • Perfect On-the-go-long Lasting
  • Up To 200 Uses
  • All Stink-fighting Good Stuff

But when you use this Poo-Pourri, it will leave your bathroom with the smell that you want, and you will never face such a problem again.

When you spray this in your toilet, it will create a protective barrier on your water surface and remove all the foul smell from your bathroom.

There are thousands of happy customers using this product. Therefore, we must tell you that you should use this product.

8. Squatty Potty Pootanicals Toilet Spray

As you can see, the name sounds very funny, which is Squatty Potty, but its work is the opposite, and it smells a lot better.

Squatty Potty Pootanicals Toilet Spray

Squatty Potty Pootanicals Toilet Spray


  • Pure Essential Oils
  • Available In 3 Unique Scents
  • Long Lasting
  • Up To 200 Sprays

You can use this for 200 sprays that are approximately 1 month. It is a long-lasting product that will also value your money.

Its scent has the power to eliminate any poo with its lush watercolor prints. In addition, it has a fascinating design which you will be proud of in a showcase in your home.

It is available in three unique scents are Cherry Blossom, Lemon Drop, & Lavender Vanilla.

9. Refresh Toilet Spray The Bowl For Odor Control

Refresh Toilet Spray is one of the most considerable toilet spray alternatives cash can purchase. However, given the 16-ounce size, it truly comes at a moderate cost. 

Refresh Toilet Spray

Refresh Toilet Spray


  • Made from All Natural Essential Oils 
  • Smells Strong
  • Easy To Carry
  • Long-lasting fragrance

This typically scented latrine shower controls smell enormously by totally veiling the aroma before you go. 

As you’d envision, splash the bowl before you utilize the latrine, and nobody will smell what you’re delivering. You can’t lose!

10. Poo-Pourri Original Citrus Scent

Most scent eliminators are as “normal” as bonded leather pants – yet not Poo~Pourri. At the point when they say characteristic, they really would not joke about this. 

Poo-Pourri Before-You-go Toilet Spray

Poo-Pourri Before-You-go Toilet Spray


  • The original non-toxic 
  • Scientifically-tested formula made of essential oils
  • Spritz the bowl before-you-go
  • Up to 20 uses in our new and improved 10 ml travel sprayer

They made with a mix of natural essential oil and other highly confidential fixings, our progressive 

Before-You-Go Toilet Spray makes going #2 simple without making you sneeze. It is an excellent toilet spray sanitizer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Poop Spray Work?

Yes, poop spray does work in the toilet. Many happy customers are using this in their toilets. It removes all the foul smells from the toilet.

Do You Spray Poo Pourri Before Or After?

You always spray Poo Pourri before you go to the toilet, as suggested by the name Poo-Pourri Before-You-go Toilet Spray.

How Can I Make My Bathroom Smell Good After Pooping?

The air freshener is the only way to approach the wonderful smell after pooping. You have lots of toilet spray and freshener are available in the market.

What is the toilet called that sprays water?

It’s a bidet spray we fix in our toilet that sprays water and cleans poop from the bums. After that, you can use toilet paper or a bathroom towel to wipe your bums. It is also known as a jet spray.

Can we carry a toilet spray with us while travelling?

Yes, you can carry a toilet sprays with you while travelling in flight, buses, trains and in hotels. These are good a toilet accessories.

How to make poo toilet spray?

A DIY guide to making a toilet is that firstly, you need to get Pour rubbing alcohol in a 3 oz spray container and add some essential oils. Fill this solution into a bottle and shake it. Here is your homemade toilet spray ready.

Toilet spray that traps your poop smell


These are amazing toiletries while traveling. It really kills bacterial in the air. And help us to breathe properly without any bad smell. These sprays are the ultimate and best-selling product on amazon so you should definitely try them.

They are not toxic spray you won’t get addicted to. But still, I don’t recommend you to use them on daily basis. As you will face difficulty to use the toilet without this spray. If you still want to use it regularly then also not a problem. You can use them.

You can make your bathroom look fresh with these best pre poop toilet spray. But, of course, you must try this fantastic product once. 

I hope this article will guide you in buying the toilet fragrance spray for yourself. If you have any other queries, you can ask in the comment section.

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