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Your domestic Air Compressor Drain Valve is, irrespective of how massive or how small, how a vintage or new — it has a few shapes of the drain valve. It is essential, and plenty misunderstands a part of this tool. We’ll talk about what an air compressor drain valve is and a way to use it.

Which Valve Is Known As The Drain Valve?

You must be wondering which valve is the drain valve, so let’s first locate the drain valve. An excellent way of doing this could be to discover your tool’s education guide on the way to have an elements diagram to label all of the running elements.

The drain valve will constantly be on the lowest of the air tank. At the lowest of the most important parts of the air compressor, if it’s now no longer clean, the tank’s component is.

The drain valve can is available in many shapes and forms. Sometimes it’ll be a touch bolt head; occasionally, it’ll be an accurate valve that you switch like on a water jug. It will range depending on the logo and length of the compressor.

Long tale short, the drain valve might be on the lowest of the tank and pointing downwards, so gravity will pressure the water out (rather than air pressure).

How Would You Clean Or Drain An Air Compressor Tank?

Air compressor preservation is essential to growing the existence of your unit. One easy and clean step that you may take is to empty the moisture from the air compressor tank. Whether you have a personal small 2-gallon tank or a business eighty-gallon unit tank, the method is the same.

In the first step, you have to make sure your compressor is grown to become off. It can be unplugging it from the hole or simply ensuring the transfer is within the off position. 

In the next step, you have to lessen the stress within the tank to below 10 PSI. You have to launch stress for pulling the hoop at the ASME protection valve. For protection, it gets far endorsed when you put on protection glasses while doing this step. You can deflect the air by protecting the valve with one hand as you pull the hoop with the opposite hand. Then it would help if you continued pulling till the tank is empty.

In the third step, which is probably the last one, you have to discover the tank drain valve. It is generally on the bottom of the tank. Then you have to open the drain valve and permit the moisture to empty from the tank. After the above process, you have to tilt the tank to do away with any last water. After the complete draining process, you should close the water tank.

What Is The Role Of Drain Valves In Air Compressors?

The majority of commercial air compressors generate among a hundred and a hundred seventy-five psi. This strain permits air compressors to perform an almost countless array of tasks. To ensure proper functioning and safety, and air compressor includes several valves supposed to assist in altering the float of air and strain.

In this air compressor drain valve, you will explore critical valves in an air compressor: the unloader valve and its associated test valve. This article will talk about some other key valve — the drain valve — and the critical position it performs withinside the existence of an air compressor.

[BEST] Storm Drain Cleaning Info You Must Know 2021

The main focus of this article is to tell you about Storm Drain Cleaning. It is the place we’ll be living. When heavy rains fall, provisions like hurricane drains offer clean entry or a channel for extra water to get carried away. 

Drain Valve

Water on your compression chamber will quickly cause severe problems, especially rust and corrosion. It gets left unchecked; such corruption will devour properly thru the sidewall of your air receiver. 

Excessive water might also motive your compressor’s air dryers to grow to be overloaded and to forestall function properly. All this results in moisture downstream, inflicting immoderate put-on on gear and different air-operated equipment.

If you have to save those problems, all air compressors should have a drain valve on the lowest of the air receiver. The drain valve permits water to float out of the system.

Drain Valve – Its Types

The only sort of drain valve — a guide drain valve — stays closed until manually opened using a user. The operator is accountable for periodically draining condensate from the tank. A guide drain valve isn’t realistic for commercial air compressors. Instead, such air compressors use one in every of 3 valve types.

The first of those — a flow-operated drain — includes a unique housing constructed across the drain valve. As water builds up withinside the tank, it flows into this housing—the growing water degree causes a flow withinside the housing to rise. Upon accomplishing a pre-set degree, the flow triggers the drain to open, and the water drains out. Some compressed air gets misplaced with this sort of valve. In large air compressor structures, this could waste electricity.

The 2nd sort of drain valve — a timer-managed drain — takes a unique approach. The valve now no longer extended the water degree. It uses an electrical timer to open and near the valve at instances specified with using the user. Because the water withinside the compressed air depends on the atmospheric relative humidity, the quantity of liquid produced varies. Again, compressed air may be misplaced and strength wasted.

Air Compressor Drain Valves We Recommend

Nigo Industrial Co. Air Brake Air Tank Drain Cock Ground Plug Shutoff (1/4″ NPT Male)

air compressor drain valve


  • 100% Bar stock brass solid body
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 200psi WOG
  • Extra strength; High durability
  • The handle features 360 degree rotation

This the best Air Compressor Drain Valve on amazon. You should definitely this one it fits to your requirement.

Taisher Extended Tank Drain Valve

air compressor drain valve


  • Max working pressure: 175 PSI.
  • Max Temperature: 250 degrees F.
  • Hose Material: Braided Steel
  • End Size: 1/4” Male Threads
  • Ball Valve: Brass Mini ball Valve

It is necessary for air compressor to make the regular maintenance. Every time your compressor runs, the moisture in the air condenses in the tank. To make this daily maintenance task easy to perform.

Powermate Vx 072-0001RP Tank Drain Valve *(Amazon Choice)*

GUIDE To Buying Air Compressor Drain Valve


  • 1/4-Inch NPT
  • Wing style
  • Powermate tank drain valve creates a snug fit to prevent unwanted air or water seepage
  • Drain compressor regularly for optimal performance

Powermate Vx 072-0001RP Tank Drain Valve is a member of a large line of Powermate genuine replacement parts. Use the Powermate Vx Tank Drain Valve to replace the worn, leaky drain valve on the compressor. Installing a new, Powermate Vx Tank Drain Valve will help prevent air leakage and water leakage when not draining the compressor.

The correct Way To Replace The Drain Valve On Your Air Compressor

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