How To Fix A Smelly Shower Drain In 2021 [DIY] Guides

The most hated thing in the bathroom is when we smell something terrible. When your shower drain smells like rotten eggs, we don’t want to use that bathroom. It is a DIY guide to How To Fix A Smelly Shower Drain.

This guide will fix the drain if your bathroom smells musty after a shower. You must go through this article if you want to get rid of the smelly shower drain.

What Are The Reasons Behind A Smelly Shower Drain?

There could be various reasons; let’s discuss some of them.

There Could Be A Problem In P-Trap

If you could make an appearance under the bathe drain, you’ll see a U-formed pipe that water passes through it. It is known as P-lure, and the cause is to maintain a small quantity of water to dam sewage gasses from coming again up the pipe and into your bathroom.

If you haven’t used the bath in a while, it’s feasible that the water withinside the P-lure has evaporated. It is a smooth fix – run water within the tub for a couple of minutes, and the P-lure will fill up, and the scent must move away.

However, when you have used the bath recently, it may be a signal that there’s a leak withinside the P-lure. If that’s the case, the pipe wishes to get replaced to solve the scent and save you similarly water harm for your home.

The Shower Must Have Been Buildup Of Biofilm

Biofilm is a thin, slimy layer of microorganism that could develop from all water, soap, shampoo, and frame oils that move down the bathe drain and collect in the pipes. Not best does this sound gross; it may additionally scent quite bad.

So how are you going to remove biofilm? You can attempt killing the microorganism with one of those family solutions:

  • Mix 1 element bleach and one element water, then pour down the drain.
  • First, pour baking soda from one cup down the drain. Then upload a cup of white vinegar. Cover the drain because the combination fizzes, then flush with warm water.

If hair receives caught withinside the drain or pipes, it may make the biofilm difficulty even worse (now no longer to say begin a clog). Often, if you could put off the hair, then the scent will move away.  

You Should Clean The Area Around Your Drain

At this point, the duvet wishes to get eliminated and the place cleaned. Tilex Mold and Mildew Remover is a splendid product for this. Spray, depart on for some minutes, and wipe down.

If the state of affairs is terrible, you could want to clean the duvet and bath with an antique toothbrush (don’t forget to throw it out while you get finished!). If those steps don’t work, it’s time to shop for a brand new drain cover.

It would help if you Cleaned The Pipes

While you may exit and purchase chemical cleansing products, much more likely than not, you’ve got the entirety you want for your kitchen to address your mold trouble immediately.

Pour 1/2 of a cup of bleach down the drain and allow it to take a seat down for about one hour. Then boil 4 cups of water and pour 1/2 of it down the drain. If you’ve got PVC (plastic) pipes, observe the boiling water can purpose principal damage, so make specific tests first. You should use warm water, if that is the case, out of your tap.

Then sprinkle a baking soda quarter cup down the drain. Then you follow that with a cup of white or cleansing vinegar. You might also additionally listen to a fizzing sound from the baking soda and vinegar reacting. 

How To Remove Black Stains In 5 Minutes On Toilet Bowl

Stains are the primary issue that someone in the bathroom faces. You will get to know all the information about How To Remove Black Stains On Toilet Bowl in this context. This is a very common problem but it looks dirty. We will go through each DIY way to clean the stain from the toilet bowl.

It would help if you waited for some minutes, then pour the relaxation of the boiling (or warm) water down the drain. Finish with the aid of using strolling the new water for some minutes. It has to deal with each scent and the source. These things will surely deodorize the smelly shower drain.

How To Fix A Shower Drain That Smells?

Sometimes an obstruction, like hair, desires to be bodily moved down the pipe on the way to get it smooth and get your drain flowing again.

These following Solution this help you to get rid from this musty smell after shower. You may definitely implement them.

Break out The Bathroom Plunger

Your first line of protection for a clogged bath drain is genuinely a bathroom plunger.

Fill the bath with sufficient water to ensure the rubber tip at the plunger is covered. Then plunge away. The water must pass down. If it doesn’t, or if it drains slowly, strive again.

Break Out The Drain Snake

To clean the maximum hardcore clogs, you can need to use a drain snake, which’s once in a while referred to as a bathroom drill.

It’s smooth to do: Dispose of the drain cover, push the snake in, and crank the handle. When you begin to sense resistance, you’ve hit the purpose of the clog.

Don’t pull up the snake. Keep rotating. It will cut up something that is clogging the drain.

When you forestall feeling resistance, then you may slowly pull the snake from the drain. Finally, run the water for a couple of minutes to ensure the entirety is clean.

Cleaning Hair From the Shower Drain

Trapped hair is a prime purpose of bathe drain clogs and odors. However, it’s far preventable. Try brushing your hair out earlier than washing it withinside the bath. It will dispose of any loose, tangled, or extra hair that could clog the drain in any other case.

Install A Hair Catcher

Assess your bathe drain situation. If you’ve got an open-drain hollow with no form of the cowl (the sort you plug a stopper in), you can need to recollect shopping for a bath drain hair catcher.

Even in case, you don’t have an exposed drain hollow, you may need to update your new drain cowl with this tool as it, without difficulty, prevents hair clog issues in the long term.

Fix your smelly shower drain without a plumber


I hope this DIY guide on How To Fix A Smelly Shower Drain will be able to solve all the problems related to your bathrooms.

If this DIY guide is not working for you, you can feel free to call the plumber, but you should try to do it yourself; it will save your money.

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