[DIY] Guide To Remove Brown Stain In Bottom Of Toilet Bowl

Remove Brown Stain In Bottom Of Toilet Bowl
Remove Brown Stain In Bottom Of Toilet Bowl

In this article, you will get to know the answer to How To Remove Brown Stain In Bottom Of Toilet Bowl. This is gonna be a completely 10 minutes DIY guide to remove brown stain around the toilet base

Perhaps the most irritating thing that you should manage is cleaning the washroom. The enclosed restricted spaces and breathing in the dangerous exhaust can make it the most disappointing encounter in your weekly cleaning obligations. 

The most offensive of these encounters is managing to eliminate brown stain at the lower part of the bathroom bowl. 

For an explanation, the brown stain in the lower part of the bathroom guts is a store of hard water minerals inside the bathroom gut base. Thus, don’t stress this stain is not a consequence of your cleaning system yet rather the nature of your home’s water—the picture beneath to check whether your district is known to have complex water issues.

How To Get Rid Of Brown Stains In Toilet Bowl

Here is the awesome approach to get rid of brown hard water stains without utilizing dangerous synthetic substances or hampering your wallets. While less dangerous, these alternatives don’t work to the same degree as muriatic acid however, used related to Power Pumice, it rapidly turns into the most awesome approach to eliminating hard water stores. 

All you need to begin is vinegar and heating pop, the widely favourite drink (Coca-Cola), and the Power Pumice. 

Calcium, lime, magnesium, and iron are generally discovered in districts with high fixation hard water. Whenever it is left untreated, the layers of hard water stores start to frame, layer by layer. 

Consistently cleaning these layers utilizing the techniques that appeared underneath will drastically improve your washroom’s vibe and leave these humiliating brown hard water stains shining like new.

How To Remove Stubborn Stains From Toilet Bowl

How To Remove Stubborn Stains From Toilet Bowl
  • Using Chemicals To Remove Stubborn Stains From Toilet Bowl

To remove the brown stain in your toilet, you need to clean utilizing acidic synthetic compounds. The best and dangerous arrangement is to use muriatic acid. I would not suggest utilizing synthetics as they are unsafe and regularly are not worth the hard work. Regardless of whether you use synthetic substances, in any case, you will have to put in an honest effort to eliminate these stains. 

So, in general, the danger of compensating proportion for utilizing hazardous synthetic compounds to clean brown stains in your toilet bowl isn’t great, as fewer unsafe options exist that produce better outcomes. 

Some less unsafe substance choices include CLR(Calcium-Lime-Rust) or Lime-A-Way, which can be generally purchased over the counter. It is used as depicted on the jug. 

Continue to peruse for the best natural and efficient arrangement!

  • What Is The Power Pumice And How Can It Help To Remove Stubborn Stains From Toilet Bowl

The Power Pumice is an ideal instrument for disposing of hard stains in a rush (even though it requires some hard work). Like a magic stick for intense hard water stains, the Power Pumice makes your toilet seat, sink, bath, and tile shinier. 

It’s made utilizing volcanic pumice and is sufficiently delicate to not scratch tile while being adequately rough to overcome hard water stores. The ideal approach to use the Power Pumice is with water or an answer for greasing up the pumice stone, else you risk scratching the tile. 

When the Power Pumice is joined with the arrangements recorded underneath, it turns into a fantastic technique for eliminating hard water stains.

  • Removing Stubborn Stain From Toilet Bowl With Baking Powder Vinegar

Generously add vinegar (usually 1-2 cups) into the toilet gut and sprinkle in some baking soda powder. Utilize your Power Pumice to blend the arrangement around and let the combination sit for 20 minutes. 

After allowing the answer to sit for an all-encompassing time, utilize the Power Pumice to brush the stains away. Like magic, these stains will vanish on the off chance that these stains don’t disappear, add some lemon squeeze and start cleaning again with the Power Pumice.

How To Clean Toilet Bowl Stains With Coke

You could know that Coca-Cola is amazingly acidic and can help eliminate that brown stain in your latrine bowl. The corrosive from the soft drink will make fast work out of hard water stains. 

Add some cola into your latrine bowl and let it sit for the time being. The following day you will need to flush the toilet and start washing with the Power Pumice. The complex water layers ought to be free and effectively removable utilizing the Power Pumice.

How To Prevent Brown Stains In Toilet

It is ideal to avoid utilizing bleach for cleaning hard water stains. It isn’t vital to eliminate the layers of hard water mineral stores and harm your septic framework. 

Never consolidate blanch and alkali as this can deliver dangerous exhaust into the air that can be lethal whenever ingested. 

Never utilize metal or coarse cleaning brushes, as this will harm porcelain.

How To Clean A Badly Stained Toilet Black Stuff In Bottom Of Toilet Bowl

You should cut the water supply to the toilet if the dark spots are at or underneath the water level. Flush the toilet to bring down the water until you can get to the areas. Rescue more water with a cup if fundamental. 

Blend cream of tartar and 3-percent hydrogen peroxide, gradually adding the peroxide until it frames a glue. Scoop a portion of the bond onto an old toothbrush. 

Coat the dark spots with the glue. Allow it to represent at any rate 15 minutes. 

Wash the glue off the spots with water. If you didn’t need to deplete the bowl, utilize the water in the bowl and a toilet brush to flush the areas; on the off chance you finished the bowl, fill a cup with water and pour it over the spots while cleaning delicately with the brush. 

Inspect the Toilet bowl. If the dark spots remain, repeat the cycle and let the glue stay on the areas for more. If the marks are gone, turn the water and flush once to wash the bowl.


You must follow the DIY given above to eliminate brown hard water stains. You may need to repeat the interaction more than once for the best outcomes.

I hope the article How To Remove Brown Stain In Bottom Of Toilet Bowl will help you remove all the stains from your toilet.


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