Original Poop Knife Review 2021 [Don’t Buy] Until You Read

Original Poop Knife Review 2021
Original Poop Knife Review

It doesn’t rely upon who we are; all of our poop; however, many of us want a bit greater assistance than others. For individuals who generally tend to have ‘massive poops’, that help may also come withinside the want to interrupt matters down earlier than you flush. Here, we are going to discuss Original Poop Knife Review 2021.

It may also appear strange; however, while a communique commenced on Reddit, it went viral. In the end, it devised a product to assist those who have such difficulty.

The product claims that: “Never to be wrong for a field opener again, this poop knife is one of all a kind – crafted from metal-strengthened silicone.

It’s miles strong, hygienic, and smooth to clean. Guaranteed now no longer to show right into a rusty punji stick. Be a warrior of the porcelain poo-poo platter.”

It is a ridiculous gag present for your pals and family or day by day necessity? You have to decide if you want or not. Metal bolstered silicone is intense, hygienic, clean to clean, and dishwasher safe (in case you dare).

It will reduce poop! It tested at the maximum ferocious of lavatory crocodiles without a fight. It will be curious to you approximately what an Original Poop Knife feels like? Imagine a heavy silicone included butter knife.

It is long enough to hold your hand clean of threat in a popular-intensity toilet

Is Poop Knife A Real Thing?

We understand that human beings have unique bowel styles; however, a Reddit person had a realization while he realized his circle of relatives’ way of life of using a poop knife wasn’t every day at all.

His circle of relatives poops big. Maybe it’s genetic; perhaps it’s their diet; however, anyone births massive logs of crap. If everyone has laid a mega-poop, you understand that now and again, it won’t flush. It spreads throughout the hollow within the bowl’s backside, and the vortex of draining water offers it a spin because it mocks you.

It’s been an afternoon or among poops, and it was over at their pal’s house. His buddy changed into the neighborhood provider and constantly had visitors because you can’t purchase weed without sitting in your ass and sampling it for an hour. I excuse myself and lay a giant turd. He appearance down and spots that it’s a sideways one, so he cracks the door and gets in touch without his buddy.

He instructed this to his spouse the remaining night, who changed into amused and horrified at the equal time. It seems that she now no longer understand what a poop knife changed into and has been using the vintage rusty knife placing withinside the software closet as a simple software knife. Thankfully she didn’t prepare dinner with it; however, she used it to open Amazon boxes.

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Yeah, it is a real thing if your family poops big and gets used by many people.

What Is A Poop Knife For?

A poop knife gets used for chopping the big poo into small pieces. Original Poop Knife will chop the maximum compressed of brownies, the top pro of sausages can manage the hardwood of butt logs, the longest of sewer snakes, the maximum fierce lavatory crocodiles, and the fattest filled Havanas.

It is never to be improper for a container opener again, and this poop knife is one in every of a kind – crafted from metallic strengthened silicone. It’s miles strong, hygienic, and smooth to clean. It is guaranteed now no longer to show right into a rusty spike stick.

What Is A Ghost Poop?

One of these insane, nearly legendary poos comes out and departs no hint on the bathroom paper. Great, fantastically favorite poo.

Suppose there will be a darkish and stormy Halloween night. Then the residence will become creaking, and the chandeliers lightly swing the draft.

An unworldly sensation brushed beyond your arm as you will hear a haunting chuckle. You looked where the sound might have come from and noticed a small, sparkling mass within the shadows.

You will become your flashlight to find out numerous small mounds that might simplest display the current passing.

To be sure, you popped one in your mouth. It becomes delectable. The spirit had eaten nicely that day.

Discover the mystical powers of ghost poop! Serve your very own delicious mounds of ghost poop at your subsequent Halloween birthday celebration, and dare your visitors to anticipate at simply one!

Should We Buy A Poop Knife

it’s up to you want to buy this poop knife then we recommend this best seller poop knife. You can check each review this is a fantastic product.

Original Poop Knife

Poof Knife to buy online


  • Be a samurai of the poo poo platter! This knife comes in *hilarious* packaging
  • Ridiculous gag gift for friends and family, or daily necessity? You decide.
  • Metal reinforced silicone is strong, hygienic, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe (if you dare)
  • This will cut poop! Tested on the most ferocious of bog crocodiles without a fight. Curious about what an Original Poop Knife feels like? Imagine a heavy silicone covered butter knife.
  • Long enough to keep your hand clear of danger in a standard depth toilet

What does the real poop look like?

Generally, poop like:

Medium to darkish brown: This is as it incorporates a pigment known as bilirubin, which bureaucracy while pink blood cells ruin down. Strong-smelling: Bacteria in excrement emit gases that contain the ugly smell related to poop.

Pain-loose to by skip: A wholesome bowel motion must be painless and require minimum strain.

Soft to the company in texture: Poop, this is handed in a single unmarried piece, or some smaller portions are usually considered a signal of a wholesome bowel. The long, sausage-like form of poop is because of the structure of the intestines.

Passed a couple of times daily: Most humans by skip stool as soon as a day, even though others might also additionally poop each different day or up to a few instances daily. At a minimum, someone must respond by skip stool 3 cases a week.

Consistent in its characteristics: A healthy poop varies from character to character. However, someone must display any adjustments within the smell, firmness, frequency, or color of poop as it may imply a problem.

Is Your Poop Healthy?

When it involves pooping, your lavatory method is maximum possible to get in and get out—however, it’s an excellent factor to take a glance each now and then to peer at what’s taking place within the toilet.

The size, texture, and sedation of your poop can inform you loads approximately what’s taking place in your body. And it’ll range relying on plenty of factors.

It is crucial to test as it assists you to discover a problem: digestion problems, structural diseases, motility disorders, or a negative response or facet impact to a medication.

Legends of Reddit: The Poop Knife

Original Poop Knife Review


I hope this Original Poop Knife Review 2021 would have been fruitful for you to be able to chop the poo. If you need any further queries, you can ask in our comment section.

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