Slow Flushing Toilet Problem Fixed [2021] DIY Guides

Slow Flushing Toilet
Slow Flushing Toilet

A toilet is one of the essential corners of the house, and if it experiences a problem with a Slow Flushing Toilet, you get frustrated only. There could be several reasons why you are facing the problem of the slow draining toilets.

In this type of situation, you need to be calm and figure out why your toilet faces the problem of slow flushing.

You can call a plumber, but it will just hamper your wallet and nothing else.

So, before calling the plumber, try to figure it out for yourself. If you figure out the problem, you will sort your problem without hampering your wallet and making your bathroom flush more strong.

You must be wondering where to start?

You have to go through this article, and we’ll sort your problem together, hence enhancing your toilet’s flush and ending up with a more vital flushing toilet!

Why is my toilet flushing so slowly?

There could be some of the reasons due to which it flushes slowly. So, in this article, I’ll go through the most appropriate reasons to less. You can check one of the reasons for your Slow Draining Toilet.

If you have done all the things and still your toilet flushing slow, then it is time to hamper your wallet and call the plumber.

Your toilet could be partially clogged.

If the pipe’s size is getting narrow due to some of the crust, through which the water flushes out from the toilet, making the toilet partially clogged. You have to do one thing that clears the pipe so that the water can flush out quickly.

If you have hard water in your home, it could be one reason to make the crust and narrow the pipe.

Another reason could be your waste residue that has flushes through the toilet.

You can do the test to check a partial clog.

  • It would be best if you took a bucket filled with water of 5 gallons. 
  • You should then directly pour that water into your toilet. 
  • Then you have to check the flushing speed. If the water flushes out quickly, your toilet is free from the partial clog.

And if you find the toilet is still flushing slowly, then it must be the case of partially clog.

The crust must have clogged your rims or jets.

As you know, rims are tiny holes in your toilet through which the water gets forced from the tank.

They are the water barriers as it enters, then some force is created to push the water flushing through the drain.

When these rims get clogged, they allow the water to push down hence slowing down all the other processes.

Their reasons could be the hard water; their minerals formed the crust and clogged the rims.

Your level of water in the tank could be too low.

It could be one of the reasons for your slow-draining toilet. If your water level in the tank is low, water could not forces through the pipes due to less gravity. Toilet water rises then slowly drains.

Check the level by taking an observation at the flood tube that runs into the toilet. The water should come up to about an inch underneath its highest point. Assuming it doesn’t come up that far, your water level is shallow. 

To change how much water enters the tank, you can twist the ball’s arm that stops the water stream. It may sit excessively low and prevents the water before it gets an opportunity to fill the tank.

Then you should flush and check the improvement of water level.

You can raise the water level with a float that slides up the mast; the mast’s attachment floated to raise the water level. 

 Your Flapper does not close.

There is a flapper cover in your toilet seat that lifts and allows the toilet bowl’s full water force. When you face the toilet flushing slow problem, it must be because of the Flapper as it is not sealing the holes properly and lowering the water force to wash correctly. 

Your toilet flushes slow and gurgles due to your problem with the slow draining toilet.

Flapper plays a vital role in preventing slow draining toilet.

You can fix it by repositioning the Flapper on the dependency of your rod. If this idea got worked, it is well and good otherwise you need to buy a new kit.

How do you fix a Slow Flushing Toilet?

Everyone wants to save their money, so you will also want to fix your slow draining toilet without hampering your wallet.

If you have made up your mind to do the fixing on your own, then we are recommending some of the easy steps to fix your slow-moving flushing toilet.

However, you can call the plumber if you are not able to do it yourself.

 It will help if you fix the partial clog.

I am taking this assumption that your toilet is in worse condition or near to death. It is facing a significant problem of slow draining.

Assuming that is the situation, you’ll need to utilize a toilet drill. Not to be mistaken for a toilet snake. A toilet drill looks practically the same and works a similar path as a snake however is planned mainly to clear toilet obstructs. A snake will not work here. I recommend a 6-foot long one as you don’t know where the block is situated inside the lines.

You need to fix hard poop clogged in the toilet.

As we know, hard and big poop does not drain out quickly, made from the hard water. It needs to fix very soon; otherwise, it will make your toilet very narrow, and it will slowly drain the bathroom.

On the off chance that it flushes gradually in the wake of utilizing the toilet drill, pour a couple of gallons of heated water but not boiling one. It will break the porcelain to attempt to relax the development and attempt once more. It might take a few patterns of rehashing this.

Clean the rim or jet holes For Slow Flushing Toilet

It could be fun to think, but it’s a fact that a toothbrush with vinegar could be a great tool to clean the rim or jet holes. I know it will take you some energy to clean them up. It should be you once a month to keep flush in a well-mannered condition.

If you still find that it is still clogged, you need to clean them from the acidic toilet bowl cleaner. It is a good cleansing agent.

Take a channel and put it into the cylinder inside the tank where the flood water goes into the bowl. At that point, pour a portion of the arrangement down into it and stand by around ten minutes. Flush the bathroom and see what occurs.

It still not be improved at its best and could be slow also. It would be best if you took a tool that is Allen wrench. Use this tool to clean the jet holes one by one.

You try to remove all the poops or crust from the rims by flushing the toilet repeatedly.

It would be best to repeat the process until you find that your toilet is flushing correctly and not clogged anymore. You can warm vinegar instead of acids.

Replace a cracked toilet bowl

It is not a very common problem that we see in flushing, but it happens sometimes. The lower bowl of the toilet gets cracked sometimes. The cracks allow the leakage, and water gradually filtered out.

The base of the toilet will give you the identification of this problem. It will noticeably replenish the water in your bathroom,m. I know this sad to tell, but there is no permanent pf easy fixing to the cracked toilet bowl.

Various sealing agents are available in the market, but they are only suitable for temporary fixing. If this happens to your toilet, you need to change all the bathrooms and build a new one. If you are not capable of doing so, then contact the plumber. 

Whatever questions that were running in mind, “How can I make my toilet flush stronger?” and “How do you unblock a slow draining toilet?”. I hope your all question has got the answer. You have to follow all the points mentioned above, and you will be free from the slow flushing toilet.

Closure for Slow Flushing Toilet

I don’t know why you have a slow flushing toilet, but I know one thing mentioned above will help you figure it out. 

I have given you all the tips to get rid of the slow-draining toilet, but it is time to call the plumber for yourself if it still does not work for you.

As we know, the bathrooms are eccentric, and we have to face issues one after the another once the flush gets weak and becomes a slow flushing toilet.

I would love to answer your queries and hope this article will help you get rid of a slow draining toilet.

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