Toilet Leaking At Base A DIY guide To Fix It [2021]

Toilet Leaking At Base
Toilet Leaking At Base

Toilet Leaking At Base is one of the common toilet problems that a person in their daily life has faced. 

Toilet leaking at base meant that the water would loiter around the toilet. You do not need to panic though it is frustrating. It would be best if you tried to figure out the problems.

This article will give you some DIY guide to repair your bathroom yourself without giving any penny to the plumber.

Let’s move ahead into the article and know more about the steps and tools to fix toilet leaking at the base.

Why does the toilet leak at the base?

There could be specific reasons due to which your toilet is leaking at the base. So let’s discuss some of them.

The toilet seat base is mounted to the floor that bolts to a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or cast iron floor flange. The PVC is an entry into the drainage system of the house.

The bottom of the toilet base makes of ceramic which seals to PVC with a flange seal. In older days, beeswax uses to make the seal. Nowadays, there is more quality in the seals like synthetic seals available in the market.

The leakage at the base problem starts due to damage to the seal. It would help if you did not directly replace the seal; firstly, try to eliminate those loose bolts. Then try to tight that bolts with a wrench which tight the toilet base to the floor.

You should know that even if you tighten the loose bolt, the leakage will not stop if leaking from the wax ring. If the wax ring degrades, then you have to replace the seal. 

How do you fix a toilet that is leaking at the base?

The toilet leaks at base when flushed. There are many simple ways that you can do to fix toilet leakage. I am giving you some guidelines that will help you improve your leaking toilet valve.

The toilet repair instructions are as follows:

  • You should check for condensation.

The water which accumulates around the toilet can occur due to condensation. Condensation helps in removing all the moisture from the bathroom.

As you know that the water in the tank is usually colder than the water in the toilet bowl, so it creates humidity. Various methods will help you in this process.

  • You should install a tray. 

The tray will help you to keep the water aside from the water. These trays are easily affordable and in a straightforward way. We can not say that the trays are the permanent solution, but they will provide you with some extra to fix your thing.

  • It would help if you changed Bathroom attitudes. 

It would help if you tried to take more excellent, shorter showers. Please leave on the fans. The toilet doors shall keep open when it is unoccupied to remove the humidity and nicely lead your condensation process.

  • Tanks should be insulated. 

When you insulate your tank, the water in your tank will not cool down, reducing condensation. The tank has a self-cement backing that makes it simple to stick the boards to within the tank.

  • You should check the flapper.

A leaking toilet flapper gives the allowance to cool water to flow continually in the toilet valve. It will help you condensation as the temperature inside the tank will be lowered. It is the reason that you have to check for the flapper.

If you find that condensation is not causing any problem, then move to the next step.

  • Tighten the Tee Bolts

Sometimes the tee bolts loosen. You have to use a box-end wrench to tight the tee bolts. The beeswax seals will be compressed to the drain when you tight the tee bolts.

You need to install a new toilet if the tee bolts do not tighten. Then you have the new tee bolts and a new wax ring.

If this step is not working for you, then the wax ring has damaged, and you need to replace it.

  • You should purchase a new wax ring. 

A wax ring that gets used generally fits most of the toilets. Some of the advanced toilet models need to get another type of wax.

If you are getting confused about which wax ring suits your toilet models, you can ask the hardware installer. They will help you with these problems.

  • Disconnect the toilet

It would be best if you did not allow the water supply to the toilet. It can be done by shutting off the valve. As a rule, this shutoff valve will situate under the left half of the bathroom tank, where the water supply tube associates with the water valve rear end.

Then, flush the toilet to empty the water from the tank and the toilet bowl. Utilize a wipe to eliminate any excess moisture in the toilet tank and shot bowl.

Then, unscrew the mounting nut that holds the stock cylinder to the fill valve rear end. 

At that point, utilize a flexible or open-end wrench to eliminate the nuts from the tee fasteners holding the restroom’s base to the floor.

If that jolts are consumed and will not turn, or on the off chance that they turn set up, utilize a hacksaw to cut off each jolt.

  • Remove the Toilet

The floor drain has puddle so much water that you have to lift the toilet. Try to be very gentle with your bathroom; otherwise, it will crack your tank. 

It is a little difficult to lift the toilet on your own so take somebody to help raise the bathroom.

This has answered all the questions that were going into you mind that “how to fix a running toilet?” or “how can you tell that toilet wax ring is leaking?”

How much does it cost for a plumber to replace a wax ring?

The plumber will cost approximately between $50 and $200 to replace a wax ring and include his labour and materials.

The value of the ring is between $2 to $10. If the valve needs to replace, then it will increase the budget.

Closure | Toilet Leaking At Base

I hope this DIY guide will help you in fixing your toilet leakage. I would love to know your experiences, so do share with us. 

If you are not able to fix it yourself, then call a plumber.


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