Toilet Tank Not Filling A DIY Guide To Fix Problem

This is a very common problem we face that toilet tank is not filling then we call a plumber to fix this. But the question is do you really need to spend money to get this problem fixed? or Is there Any DIY guide to solving the problem of the toilet tank. So yes, here we are with the solution.

We will also tell you some small problems DIY solution related to Toilet Tank. So stay tuned with us,

Toilet tank Not Filling
Toilet tank Not Filling

Toilet Tank Not Filling

A toilet tank gets designed so that whenever you flush the water, it gets refilled up automatically. It takes almost 10 seconds to fill up the toilet tank after flushing. 

If your toilet tank not filling up with water at all, we will tell you how to fix it in this article.

Why Is My Toilet Tank Not Filling Up?

The main reason for the toilet tank not filling up with water at all will be your defective valve, incorrect top of toilet tank float.

Sometimes, it may be due to leakage in the flapper, or the overflow tube must get cracked. When the toilet tank doesn’t fill in any respect after flushing, ensure that your shutoff valve is completely open.

What Do You Do When Your Toilet Tank Has No Water?

We should look for some areas to fix the problem of no water in the toilet tank.

1. Toilet Float Should Get Adjusted 

When you open the toilet tank, you will see a floating ball or floating cup inside it. There is a time gap between the float ball and the float cup because ancient toilet tank models contain a float ball inside them. Nowadays, float cups get used in the toilet tank.

Toilet Tank Not Filling

The connection of the float ball is from the toilet fill valve. The working of this float is to control the opening and closing of the valve.

The level of water becomes too low if you set the float below to its optimum level. The water will start overflowing if you set the float above to its optimum level. It would be best if you are very particular when selecting the status of the toilet float.

How Can You Fix A Toilet Float?

  • You should reach the lower back of the toilet and flip off the water delivered to the bathroom by turning the close-off valve and turn it clockwise. 
  • Then flush the toilet, conserving the lever down lengthy enough to get out maximum of the water. 
  • You should remove the toilet tank lid and locate it away in a secure area.
  • Now check whether you have a float ball or float cup. 
  • If you find the float ball inside your toilet tank, check the float arm’s connection from the fill valve. With the help of a screwdriver, flip this clockwise to elevate the water level within the toilet tank.
  • If you find the float cup inside your toilet tank, you should search for an extended plastic screw connected with the float. With the help of a screwdriver, flip this clockwise to elevate the water level within the toilet tank.
  • When you are making the adjustments, you should be conscious about turning the screw. You should hang the screw till the water is ready ½ under the overflow tube.

This way you can adjust the toilet float.

And this Universal Toilet Fill Valve and Flapper Repair Kit we recommend.

Fluidmaster Universal Toilet Fill Valve Repair Kit

toilet fill valve repair kit


  • Easy to use
  • Highly durable
  • A solution to fix a noisy and running toilet
  • For use in 3.5 gallons per flush toilets or larger
  • Includes the 400A Fill Valve and the 501 Flapper

This is the fantastic Universal Toilet Fill Valve Repair Kit. You don’t even need to ask a plumber for the replacement of the toilet fill valve, you can simply follow the step and change it.

2. The Fill Valve Should Get Replaced 

The connection of the water supply line to the toilet tank gets made through the fill valve. Whenever you flush the toilet, this component is responsible for filling the tank again. The toilet float and refiled tube also get connected through the inside of the fill valve.

Toilet Tank Not Filling

When you flush the toilet, you get to see a float moving to the lowest of the tank, and the fill valve gets open through this move. As the water begins filling the tank, you will see that float is moving until the tank gets filled full. The replenish tube sends a touch quantity of water right down to the bowl through the overflow tube to save your sewer gases from developing to the bathroom.  

The tank will not get filled with water if your fill valve becomes defective. Most of the time, the fill valve fails to load the water in the tank due to the accumulation of foreign particles from the water supply connected to the fill valve, or your valve has served you for many years.

Slow Flushing Toilet Problem Fixed [2021] DIY Guides

A toilet is one of the essential corners of the house, and if it experiences a problem with a Slow Flushing Toilet, you get frustrated only. There could be several reasons why you are facing the problem of the slow draining toilets.

We think that the above points will answer you question of “How do I know if my toilet fill valve is bad?”

How Can You Fix Or Replace The Fill Valve?

It would help if you first cut the water supply to the toilet tank. Then flush the toilet.

It would be best if you tried to keep the toilet fill valve’s shaft at the lowest with the help of one hand and use another one to flip the fill valve cap 1/8th times in an anticlockwise direction to remove it.

Then your main work should be to inspect the seat of the valve for foreign particles.

It would be best if you avoided water splashing by holding an empty cup over the fill valve and ultimately opening the water to the toilet. The water strain must pressure the foreign particles out. 

When you unblocked the fill valve properly, then put back the fill valve cap.  

If you’ve got an old/wiped-out fill valve, you must update it. Fill valves are cheaper, and on occasion, it makes extra feel to update than repair.

If the replacement of fill valve is necessary then you should try this Universal Toilet Fill Valve Kit.

Universal Toilet Fill Valve Replace Kit


  • Toilet Tank Fill Valve Replacement
  • Toilet fill valve height adjusts easily.
  • Easy-to-install
  • Maximize toilet performance and save water.

This is the best product on Amazon when things come to replace the fill valve. Best water level adjustment ever and you can easily install this yourself. This is kit is very good DIY stuff you don’t need to call a plumber.

3. The Toilet Flapper Should Get Replaced

Toilet Tank Not Filling

The flapper is hooked up to the bathroom cope with the use of a boost chain. The chain must have a ½ inch slack. If the chain is too tight or hooks to every other part of the bathroom tank, it’s miles going to u.s. The flapper. Your bathroom will consequently now no longer fill with water, and it’ll constantly be running.

How Can You Replace A Toilet Flapper?

  • It would be best if you cut the water supply to the bathroom. You will locate the close-off valve in the back of the toilet and then turn it clockwise. 
  • Then, you have to flush the bathroom and keep the lever right down to get rid of as awful a lot of water as possible. 
  • You should remove the toilet lid and locate it away in a secure area. 
  • Then you have to unhook the elevate chain from the deal with the arm. 
  • Remove the pegs attaching the flapper from the overflow tube and raise it off. Clean the place wherein the brand new flapper will take a seat down thoroughly. 
  • After doing all the above stuff, Install the brand new flapper and join the pegs to the overflow tube. 
  • Hook the elevate chain to the deal with the arm. Open the water delivered to the bathroom. See that the bathroom tank is filling rapidly and there aren’t any leaks. Place the bathroom lid back.

Universal Water-Saving Long Life Toilet Flapper

Universal Water-Saving Long Life Toilet Flapper


  • Best for 1.28 – 3.5 GPF+ toilets and easy to install
  • Adjustable for maximum performance and water savings
  • Solid frame prevents twisting and ghost flushing
  • Fixes most common cause of a running toilet

If you think that your toilet flapper is not working fine, And you have to replace it then this is the best selling toilet flapper. This toilet flapper will give you a good toilet flushing experience and easy to install.

4. Overflow Tube Should Get Replaced

The bathroom overflow tube is a massive tube withinside the center of the bathroom tank that channels extra water withinside the bathroom tank right down to the bathroom bowl to keep it away from overflowing. 

To replace an overflow tube is a straightforward task. You do not have to do many things; it’s just that pull-out flush valve and position within the new one. Make sure to shop for the proper length of the glide tube.

Toilet Tank Overflow Water Conserver


  • Diverts wasted water from the toilet bowl
  • Easy Adjustment options and installation without tools
  • Saves water – Saves money
  • Diverts wasted water to the toilet tank
  • Will not affect the flush power of the toilet

If you really want to replace the overflow tube then you may try this useful toilet tank Overflow Tube.

5. You Should Open The Shut Off Valve And Check

If your toilet is not filling after water shut off, the primary factor is to test if the shut off valve is open. Locate it on the rear wall of the lavatory. You should flip it counterwise to open it.

Toilet Tank Not Filling Up With Water


I hope this DIY guide to fix the problem with the toilet tank not filling would help you solve all your issues.

If you still can not fix the problem with this DIY guide then it’s high time to call the plumber.

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